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A Lot of Natural Libido Help For Men!

Take heart, there is natural libido help for men!

Some men are under the assumption that Viagra will help stimulate their libido. It stimulates something, but not their sexual desire.

Your desire vs. your sexual performance is two different beasts.

Part of sexual satisfaction is being excited about sex; anticipating intercourse. Orgasm is 10X better when sex is anticipated; according to my husband.

If the sexual desire does not come easily, there are many natural libido remedies that really work!

First things First …

I have a no brainier libido enhancer for men.


HAVE SEX! That’s right, do it whether you want to or not. Having sex does a few great things for you. It stimulates testosterone and gets you back into practice. In essence, it starts your rusty engine.

Like exercise, sex can be a habit easily dropped or formed. So, do it! It may take some time to get back in the groove.

Men Sexual Health Herbs

Herbs for male libido are an excellent natural libido help for men. They work! The proof is in the numerous reviews. My husband can also vouch for their effectiveness.

We complied a list of our favorites. Give them a try! Most have little to no side effects.

Food To Increase Male Libido

Food is one of Gods greatest creations for optimal health. Certain foods can increase blood flow and testosterone. Food is an enormous libido enhancing agent.

What is recommended?

A high protein low carbohydrate diet is the best for libido. This will lead to weight loss too. Which has been known to add on an inch or two to penis size. :)

Checkout the top Foods for Male Libido!

Acupuncture for Libido

I used to think that natural health alternatives were for the birds. That is until I gave it a try. Headaches plagued me until acupuncture came into my life. Huge proponent of acupuncture.

I know it may sound crazy to you, but Chinese acupuncture works wonders for aligning certain things within your body.

I’m sure you’ve seen these acupuncture places popping up everywhere. Shopping centers are becoming a self/help plaza. Hair, manicures, massages, and acupuncture. Grab some groceries and pop in for some acupuncture.

Back to libido and acupuncture.

Pins are placed in different locations on your body. The goal is to improve circulation and energy.

To reap the benefits of acupuncture, you will need multiple sessions. My husband is a believer of this ancient Chinese practice. Hmmmmm…maybe he’ll let me take a picture so you can see what you are in for.

Manage Your Stress

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this. Stress is not good. Stressed out people are not having as much sex! It’s a fact.

Eating right and exercising will hep manage your stress. Some great all natural libido help for men.

Exercise Libido

Yes…It’s scientifically proven. Exercise can boost your libido. Even better, exercise with your partner can lead to an increase in libido for both of you. Sometimes sweat is sexy; just saying.

Besides exercise is good for your health, it been proven to increase testosterone and blood flow.

How much exercise do you need? Two hours and 45 minutes/week. That’s it! Let me break that down for you. That is less than 28 minutes a day.

Will you see instant libido results? No. Unfortunately, it’s a habit that needs to stick for an entire year before feeling a significant increase. I’m just stating the facts from a study.

Don’t lose heart. The sexy factor that comes for working out is felt and seen in 60 days or fewer. Feeling good naturally increases your sexual desire.

What is the best form of exercise? Dr. Mercola is an expert in this field. He claims that Peak Fitness High-Intensity Interval Training is amazing.

Psst… Losing lipids around the abdomen naturally increases blood flow to the penis. Swear. Learn to love exercise.