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Low Testosterone In Women

I didn’t know that low testosterone in women is an issue. Heck, I wasn’t aware that we even have testosterone. I figured that testosterone was exclusive to men. I always hear, “Men have higher sex drives because of testosterone.” “Men can lose weight faster and easier because of testosterone.” I was a bit perplexed when my sister called me up ,one day, to tell me that her testosterone levels are too high. WHAT? It really did explain a lot. No, my sister is not hairy all over with a deep voice. She had some of the common symptoms of high testosterone in women.

High levels of testosterone in women are not a good thing. It leads to many unwanted bodily responses. Such as:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • More body hair than normal
  • Prone to acne outbreaks
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • More muscle mass
  • Thinning or receding hair

If you experience any of the above symptoms, a medical professional can help regulate your hormones. On the other hand, you may be a woman who’s levels of testosterone are too low. You may have a deficiency in testosterone.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

There are many symptoms of low testosterone. Here is a comprehensive list of the symptoms of a deficiency of testosterone. They are:

  • Low libido and or no sexual desire
  • No sexual fantasies
  • Little or no response to sexual stimulation. This can be in the clitoris and nipple area
  • Not able to reach orgasm
  • Extra weight and lack of muscle
  • Low energy and no stamina
  • Lack of coordination
  • Dry cracked skin
  • Hair loss in most regions of the body.

Low testosterone levels in women can occur in different times throughout a woman’s lifetime. It is extremely typical during menopause, after a hysterectomy, and even after a birth of a child. Increasing women’s testosterone during any of these life stages can increase libido. That is the goal. Besides, all the symptoms of low testosterone are not any fun.

Testosterone Levels In Women

If you have a concern about your testosterone levels, talk with your doctor. He or She can run blood tests to determine if you fall within the normal range. What is the normal range? According to research, a testosterone deficiency is anything less than 16 Nano grams per deciliter. The median level is 31 Nano grams per deciliter.

Always ask for your numbers on paper. Not all doctors agree on what those numbers should be. If you want to learn more about normal testosterone in women read this article. Hope this gives you more information on low testosterone in women.

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Yes, You Can Increase Female Libido!

Pheromones; Can A Smell Make You Irresistible?

Though sometimes it seems impossible, you can increase female libido! The libido you were born with is not the libido you have to stay with. Good news…right?

Let’s face it, some time it feels as if we (women) got the short end of the stick. I mean between our periods, hormones, giving birth, and menopause…man! Do we honestly have to suffer because Eve took the first bite of the apple? :) Unfortunately, low libido or a decrease in libido can be due to all of our “womanly issues.” I say the above statement knowing that there is a minority among us that have a healthy sexual desire.

What About The Rest Of Us?

Seeing as a healthy sex drive is obtainable for us women means that we are not a lost cause. I suppose we need a little extra help in the libido department! Something or someone to enhance and boost our libido!

Sexual Health

Sexual health, in women, is right under physical and mental health. Us women go to great lengths to lose weight and be happy. Why not put the same emphasis on our sexual health?  Wait! Sorry! You arrived at The Libido Cafe because you do care. Sex is one of the many God given pleasures here on earth. Let’s take full advantage of it! Let’s do it for yourself and ….. for your significant other to. :)

If you are here to learn how to increase your wife’s libido, welcome. I know how important intimacy is to a man and sex is a route to a closer intimate relationship. With that said, you will find many helpful tips and tricks to help your wife increase her desire.

Where to Starts?

Let’s start at square one by finding out what could be causing your low libido? It’s not as black and white as you may thing. If you are experiencing a decrease in libido, there may be a pinpoint-able reason. Once you have identified the cause, you can begin the remedy the problem.

Foods and Herbs

Though it’s hard to believe, food is our medicine. The best part about having our food be our medicinal remedy is that it is cheap. Not to mention that food is readily available and void of side effects. Different foods and herbs have been proven to increase female libido. Check out our top ten herbs for libido! We love food, so adding some aphrodisiac foods to our menu was not a problem. Yes, some did increase our desire. Our proven list of foods that increase libido!


Some may want to cut right to trying pills or a combination of food and pills. The internet is such a wonderful place to find libido boosting pills. You can read review after review on pills that claim to increase sexual desire. Love that! It really has taken the trial and error out of the process.

There are numerous female libido pills on the market. Not all work or are very effective. We have it covered by reviewing the latest and greatest for women. These pills are female libido boosters for women only. Check our mens’ section of the site for pills exclusively for them.


Testosterone? Ummmm…we have it ladies and yours may be too low. Testosterone drives men to be sexual animals. Sorry for the explicit picture, but sometimes they are a tad animalistic. HA! Testosterone can be a culprit of their high sex drive. Looks as if we need to pay closer attention to our testosterone levels. Is yours too low or too high?  It may the secret to our low libido. If your testosterone levels are too low, there are testosterone supplements for women!

Let’s make it a priority to increase female libido!

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Does Menopause Interfere With Sex? It Doesn’t Have To With These Menopause Lubricants!

woman in bed

Dealing with a dry vagina sucks. I’m in my late 30’s and have had to deal with hormone fluctuations that have lead to periods of dry vagina. 50% of women experience dry vagina after menopause. Yuck!  It not only interferes with sex; it’s uncomfortable throughout the day!

Yes, there are amazing lubricants out there that assist in creating a nice sexual experience. There are also things we can do to help our vagina not become irritated and dry.

Are you ready to prepare you vaginal area for more comfortable sex? Where do you begin? These are some natural remedies for dry vagina. Here are a few small changes that you can begin doing today…

  1. Rinse/wash your vulva with water only. 
  2. Your toilet paper should be solid white without any print on it.
  3. Use a detergent that is free and clear of perfumes and dyes.
  4. Use your vagina more. Have sex or self pleasure yourself. This really encourages blood flow to the vaginal area.
  5. Drink more water! It’s important to drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces. This lubricates and hydrates your entire body.
  6. Take a krill oil daily. Again, lubricating you entire body is important!
  7. Apply vitamin E for menopause dry vagina. Open up a capsule and apply it everyday to your vagina.
  8. Herbalists believe in taking Motherwort Tincture or Dong Quai to improve vaginal moistness

My Top 3 Lubricants – Menopause Lubricants

There are 3 types of lubricants: Oil based, Silicone, and Water based. You want to stay away from oil based lubricants. They are known to feed the fungi that causes yeast infections. In fact, you are 32% more likely to get a yeast infection if you use  an oil based lubricant.

Silicone based lubricants are amazing. They are usually great for those with a sensitive vaginal area. They last really long and leave you feeling soft, not sticky.

Lastly, water based lubricants are good too. They may cause irritation in some, but are great for sex toys and condoms. Water based lubricants are much cheaper than silicone!

Let’s take a look at my top three menopause lubricants. They are top because they are non-irritating, the glide is long lasting, and does not cause any discomfort.


Wet Platinum Lubricant

Wet Platinum Lubricant was a life saver for us. I have allergies and irritations to many ingredients and all water based lubricants, but this silicone lubricant is one of the best. I mean I would get a severe burning/itching sensation during and after sex. Horrible!

Silicone based lubricants last long, and leaves you feeling soft. Wet Platinum is 100% silicone so it works in and out of the water. It is not stick whatsoever! The only downside is that it can possibly damage some types of sex toys. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


System JO H2O Lubricant

System JO H2O is a water based lubricant that is much less expensive than Wet Platinum and safe for sex toys. The reviews read that it is not sticky or tacky, and that it feels a lot like silicone lubes without the cost. Oh, and much easier to clean off. Really, there was not one bad review on this lubricant.


Sliquid Naturals Sassy Lubricating Gel

Sliquid lubricants are an all natural water based lubricant. They are 100% vegan and do not use any cancer causing agents. I love that! This specific lubricant will not cause infection and does not deteriorate your delicate tissues like Astroglide can. Truly an all natural lubrication that is not sticky and not expensive. A great menopause lubrication because it doesn’t mess with delicate vaginal tissue!

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Testosterone Supplements For Women

Before you run to your doctor or purchase any testosterone supplements for women, read about low testosterone in women. Testosterone is a tricky hormone. It controls so many of our bodily functions. Doctors are hesitant to prescribe hormone supplements. It can be frustrating when YOU know that a little bit of testosterone would help.

Testosterone Cream For Women

I vow to tell you the truth. At all times, no matter what. I will never try to get compensation for products just because. I’m on your side. I have been there! With that said, there are many claims over the internet for testosterone boosting cream. Don’t buy them. Please. True testosterone is only available through prescription. This can be frustrating when your doctor claims that your levels are normal, but you can tell that something is off. Be persistent and honest. Once you have a prescription, in hand, your doctor can monitor the effect of the cream and adjust accordingly.


The consensus is 1% natural testosterone in a vanishing cream is effective.  Most claim that they have more energy, higher sex drive, and even clears the brain. Sounds pretty fantastic to me. Ask for the one that is rubbed directly onto the clitoris. Arm creams seem to be less effective than clitoris cream. The best time of day to rub it in is 1/2 before sex. I know this may make sex a tad predictable, but you can always surprise your mate by being ready to go! Don’t be disheartened if it does not work for the first 6 weeks. This seems to be the average time frame for these types of drugs to begin working. Testosterone gel for women pretty much has the same outcome as the cream. Different substances rubbed into the skin that contain testosterone.

Testosterone will never come in an OTC cream for women. So be aware of the claims that are out there.

Testosterone Patch For Women

There are some benefits to using a patch versus a cream or gel. Testosterone can transfer skin to skin. So, as you can imagine, after applying a gel you need to wash your hand thoroughly. Especially mothers who are in close contact with children. If a testosterone cream is rubbed into your arm, long sleeves would be the only option from keeping this away from children. Even at that, I would worry. It’s part of being a mother.

The patch offers more protection than the cream, from transferring testosterone to another individual. You can apply it to a few different places on your body without worry about your children touching it. The patch sounds safer to me! Be warned, when the patch is removed the area will have testosterone on it. This can still be transferred to another individual. Shower and clean the area after removal.

As far as what works better the patch or cream? I’ve heard that the cream directly applied to the clitoris is best. Check with your doctor. Some testosterone supplements for women may be for the arms only.

Natural Testosterone For Women

My rule of thumb is natural first…medicine next. There are so many natural testosterone boosting herbs and vitamins out there. Sometimes I think it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that pills are the only thing that could possibly work. We are wrong. What did our ancestors use? Certainly not things prescribed by a doctor. Take the time to play around with it.

You can’t expect your body to function properly without giving it the essentials. In no particular order: Sleep, exercise, and a good diet. Start out by feeding and treating your body well and see what happens! Once those three things are in line, turn to natural herbs and vitamins to stimulate testosterone. Think of it as natural testosterone supplements for women. 

Here are my top 7 herbs and vitamins that have been proven to increase testosterone levels!

It is my hope that you find a solution that works best for you and your partner. Yes, we have testosterone! If we have it then we can increase it! The above testosterone supplements for women is only suggestions. Please contact your doctor to prescribe and monitor your testosterone levels.

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My Top 10 Reasons For Decrease In Libido

There are many reasons for decrease in libido. If you’re a woman, a decrease in your libido is most likely linked to biological or hormonal issues. GREAT..right? If you are a man and under the age of 30, situational, environmental, and or biological things could be to blame. Male or female, here are the top reasons for a drop in libido.

1. Stress…Yuck!

When I was little, I dreamed of having more freedom. The thought of doing what I wanted when I wanted sounded fantastic. My mother always told me to enjoy my childhood because being an adult brings responsibility and stress. Words I had yet not come to understand! Between our jobs, finances, kids, significant others, family, and ourselves…it’s amazing that we have anything left to give! Come bedtime our physical and emotional energy is drained. Sex? NOT SO MUCH! Finding ways to alleviate our every day stresses can help with having low labido. Taking the time to de-stress, at the end of the day, is crucial. A few helpful things that I do are take a bath and journal about what went right in my day. Those two things bring me to a better state of mind and open to some intimacy. Discovery Health has an extensive article on “How to De-stress Your Life.” Stress is one of the many reasons for decrease in libido.

2. Boredom..Uggh!

We are creatures of habit. I will attest to that.  We are celebrating 10 years of marriage in a few months. People, that’s an entire decade of one partner! I know that the majority of you could trump that number. Regardless, year after year of the same partner and the same sex can lead to boredom in the bedroom. Maybe you even schedule “sex time.” For some this may work, but for others it screams BOREDOM! Yes, you can have sexual intercourse on a Tuesday instead of the weekend. :) If you feel this may be a reason for your decrease in libido, SPICE IT UP! You may find your spice on this website starting with an aphrodisiac dinner. Put the time and energy in to spice it up and you may find yourself thinking about and even anticipating sex throughout your day. Boredom is one of the many reasons for decrease in libido.

3. Conflict…AHHH!

Is there such a thing as “makeup sex?” Conflict, especially unresolved conflict, can lead to negative feelings and resentment. Do you want to give or receive pleasure from someone you resent? Learning to deal and resolve conflict will translate into more and better sex. If you find yourself in a vicious cycle of fighting with your significant other, seek professional help. Most are under the assumption that couples therapy is only for couples who’s relationships are on the brink of breaking apart. This is not true! Most couples wait until it’s too late! If you have been having consistent conflict for longer than a year or two, it’s time to have a third party intervene. It can be the best thing for your emotional and sexual health! Conflict is one of the many reasons for decrease in libido.

4. Body Image

Why couldn’t we appreciate our “high school” bodies? Everything on the body was in its proper place. :) Most body image issues begin around 15 and 16 years old. The good new is; most of our body image issues are all in our head. “But what about the extra 20 pounds I’m carrying, that’s not in my head!” One day, during an Oprah Winfrey episode, I heard a very encouraging statement on TV. A guest of the show, who is an expert on this topic, stated that men are blind in bed. Do I need to repeat that statement? MEN ARE BLIND IN BED!!! Halleluiah! They don’t see that roll or less than perfect boobs, that we see. They are in awe of having a naked beautiful woman that is going to perform their favorite act. It’s true. “Men are blind,” has become my mantra on those days that I feel less than.


We are bombarded with airbrushed perfection. I’ve birthed 2 kids and so my body does not look like a magazine model. I’ve come to terms with that one. I do, though, try to make myself feel sexy. This is so important when working on increasing your libido. What can you do to help you feel sexier? I have a few tricks, that I use, to make me feel sexy. They are:exercise, eat healthier, buy a new outfit, shave my legs, apply makeup etc. I also eat a light dinner because nobody feels sexy being bloated on Mexican food! The small things can help our libido in a big way!

5. Menopause

There is good news and bad news when it comes to menopause. The good news is, not all women will experience a drop in libido. The bad news, those that do usually experience depression, insomnia, and night sweats. Low libido does not lead to those; low libido is usually accompanied by all of the above. However, if your sex drive takes a nose dive, during menopause, seek medical help. It is not something that you have to live with. It’s not part of the menopause course. There is a great menopause article that gives more of an in depth synopsis of the above paragraph.  Menopause is one of the many reasons for decrease in libido.

6. Medication

I have allergies. Bad ones. Sometimes my horrific allergies wake me in the night and make me stumble to find an antihistamine in our medicine cabinet. This would happen repeatedly for about 6 months out of the year. I did not make a connection with this time of the year and my decreased libido until one day I ran across an article about antihistamines and libido. Antihistamines make it easier to breathe by drying up your nasal passages. However, allergy medications can also dry up other important parts of your body. Believe it or not, we have to have a level of moistness to keep us thinking or remembering about that particular body part. The moral of the story? Double check the medication you are currently taking or thinking about taking. Birth control and antidepressants are a few types of medication that can decrease libido. Talk with your general health practitioner, they can help change doses or medications all together. Medication is one of the many reasons for decrease in libido.

7. Alcohol and Drugs

Besides some of the obvious reasons for decrease in libido, this one surprised me. I mean; drugs are an obvious one. Most drugs make you numb all over so that pretty much eliminates your sexual desire. Alcohol really surprised me! After a glass of wine, I’m feeling pretty good! My inhibitions seem to disappear. I don’t concentrate on that extra roll of love hanging on my side. :) My anxiety level has decreased ten fold. I’m feeling good and ready to unwind with my hubby! You would think that a glass of wine is the perfect prescription for low libido.

Unfortunately, a glass of wine may be good for your heart, but it kills your sex drive! Wine slows all blood flow, within the body, way down. If your blood is not flowing, you may have a difficult time reaching the BIG O! That goes for men and women. Men may have a difficult time getting and staying aroused. That is a libido killer in and of itself. If you find yourself reaching for a glass or two every night, it may be time to limit your consumption to see what happens in the bedroom!

8. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

I have a theory. So far it’s 100% accurate! Unless one of my readers begs to differ. I have 2 beautiful rambunctious boys. Both pregnancies, I didn’t want my husband to touch me with a ten foot pole! My friends, who have birthed girls, stated just the opposite. Maybe I’m on to something. :) Regardless, pregnancy can be a very hormonal time that can lead to a decrease in sex drive!

Once the baby has arrived, you suddenly feel different. Your body is not a sexual object anymore. Your breasts are for feeding your little one. You may be feeling tired and grumpy. Not to mention the numerous emotional and hormonal changes that are taking place. SEX? Ummmm…not so much. Take heart, you are not alone. Your drive will return along with everything else! Pregnancy and breastfeeding is one of the many reasons for decrease in libido.

9. Pain

Sex should not hurt. If it does, seek medical attention. There may be something going on, physically, that is preventing you from enjoying sex. If all things are ruled out, seek help from a mental health professional. Some time we have to get over mental hurdles in order to enjoy anything sexual.

10. Happiness….yay!

How happy are you? Believe it or not, this plays a major role in our libido. Happier people think about sex more. That is a proven statistic. Take baby steps towards increasing your happiness. Happiness is one of the many reasons for decrease in libido.

There they are. My top 10 reasons for decrease in libido. It’s my hope that you find yourself somewhere in 1-10. Knowing the problem is the beginning to finding a remedy. Hugs!