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Great Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction!

Good news, there are natural remedies for Erectile Dysfunction. It’s my hope that the following helps cure your ED. I have been on the other end of Erectile Dysfunction. It’s devastating to the man and emotionally draining for us women. That combination leads to less sex and a strained relationship. So, doing what you can to fix the problem will lead to great things!

Let’s take a look at the most effective natural remedies for ED.

1. Just Do It!

Hopefully you are married and or in a committed relationship where you can freely express your concerns about ED. A partner understands that you may not become erect every time and that it is ok.

Men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction need to have sex. Lots of sex! You need to get oxygen flowing to your penis. Now, sex may not seem like “sex”; at first. You can still give amazing pleasure to your partner and your partner can give you immense pleasure without an erect penis. This is just a good place to start. Start the blood flow and the oxygen movement. Don’t stop midway, continue until one or both of you have reached orgasm.

2. Put Down The Bottle

Alcohol can sometimes put us in the mood. However, it may not keep us there. Alcoholic beverages and erections don’t mix. If you anticipate that you are going to have sex, make sure to avoid drinking beforehand.

3. Get Some Sleep

The majority of couples have sex at bedtime. The peak tired hour. Fatigue makes Erectile Dysfunction worse. When is the best time to engage in intercourse? First think in the morning. Blood flow is at its best, alcohol is out of the system, and hopefully you are rested.

4. Eliminate Porn

I’m an advocate of porn. However, I have strict guidelines around porn watching. Porn, when not watched together or for foreplay, can rob you of intimacy with your spouse. In fact, regular use of porn is downright damaging. It inhibits you from connecting with your partner. This can be a huge reason for ED.

5. Lose Weight

Put down that bag of potato chips, limit red meat, and incorporate exercise. Blood will start flowing better and studies show that you gain an entire inch in your penis length. It’s definitely worth a try!

The above are 5 natural remedies for Erectile Dysfunction!