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Is It Possible To Improve Libido During Menopause?

Is It Possible To Improve Libido During Menopause?

It is possible to improve libido during menopause! Although major hormonal changes are occurring; you can take charge of your hormones and not let them rule your sexual life. Learn some tips and tricks to increase you libido.

Here are some libido tips…

1. Give An Amorous Glance At Your Spouse

Most likely you have an empty nest or will have an empty nest very soon. How does that affect libido?


Life has it’s ups and downs, and you have experienced all of those with your spouse or significant other. During those times you either grew in intimacy and respect or lost some of it.

Sex is partially mental for us women so how we view our spouse either helps or hinders our sex drive during menopause. Reconnecting with your spouse should be a priority at this time. Hard work….yes! Worth it….yes!

Where to start?

  • Plan a date night in! Turn off the TV, open a bottle of champagne, and get your favorite take out food.
  • Plan an activity together like paddle boarding, hiking, golfing etc…. Doing something together is exciting for all of your senses.
  • Seek some therapy so you can talk through the past and look forward to the future.
  • Pray that God changes your heart towards your husband/wife.
  • You initiate change and see what happens. Compliment him or her, bring them their coffee, give them a compliment in from of someone, initiate sex. All of these things can spark desire.

2. Change Your Body

Get up and move!! Menopause can bring unwanted pounds and bodily changes. Don’t sit back and accept that. Regain your sexiness!

The sexier you feel, the more sex you want. It’s a tried and true statement. Start small and work your way into eating healthy and moving your body. You will want to show off your new physique, in bed, to your spouse.

3. Do Something To Stimulate Your Senses

There are things you can do to be ready for sex with your partner! What?

  • Read a romance novel
  • Watch a racy movie together
  • Don’t feel ashamed to do your own foreplay
  • Take a shot of Damiana liqueur. ( Contains an herb that Latina women traditionally use to increase desire. It does have an arousing effect.)
  • Eat libido enhancing foods for dinner
  • Demand a sensual massage with sensual oils

4. Rev Up On Libido Vitamins

All natural herbs and vitamins can help improve libido during menopause. Where do you start?

  • Vitamin A (Helps increase estrogen levels)
  • B2 (Lubricates from the inside out
  • B6 (Regulates estrogen)
  • B12 (Increases sensitivity)
  • C (Builds blood vessels)

5. Use Lubricants To Improve Libido During Menopause

A consequence of dropping estrogen: less blood flow to the vagina and less lubrication, which dampens your ardor while it dries out vaginal tissue.


You have a tougher time getting int he mood, and when you do, the sex can be painful. Even walking around can be uncomfortable.

What can you do to help this?

  • Use a water-based lubricant every morning
  • 15 minutes before sex apply a lubricant with L-arginine ( this increases sensitivity)
  • Demand more foreplay
  • Before sex, apply a lubricant and self pleasure yourself before your husband gets into bed

Want more information? WEBMD has a great article on A Woman’s Guide to Reviving Sex During Menopause.

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