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Take The Right Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction!

There are vitamins for erectile dysfunction. Herbs can also be very helpful when treating ED! Most of the same vitamins to boost libido also help with erectile dysfunction.

Here are supplements that should be taken daily to help with your ED…

1. Krill Oil

Krill oil cures everything. It’s like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie. Do you have a cut? Spray Windex on it. Do you have eczema? Take krill oil. Do you suffer from Ed? Take krill oil!

Really, krill oil helps with libido, increases testosterone, and helps with erectile dysfunction. Krill oil contains antioxidants EPA and DHA. It contains 100X as much omega 3 as other fish supplements.

How can it help with ED? Omega 3 in your diet can increase blood flow to your penis. It relaxes your arteries that encourage blood flow to your genitals.

2. L-Carntine

Taking l-carntine for ED is not all hype. Clinical studies prove that l-carntine does help with erectile dysfunction. It is actually very effective for a natural treatment. L-carntine is made naturally in our bodies. This amino acid can be taken in combination with prescription medications.

3. L-Argine

L-argine is an amino acid that signal smooth muscle to relax. How does that help ED? There is smooth muscle in the penis. If the smooth muscle is relaxed then the blood vessels that it surrounds can flow better. This all results in an erection!

However l-argine can be hard on the stomach especially those with ulcer problems.

4. Zinc and Vitamin C

It is possible that a deficiency in zinc can lead to ED. Zinc helps produce testosterone and sperm. Which all helps with a regular and healthy penile erection.

So eat…

1. Dairy

2.Meat and nuts

3. Shellfish

Vitamin C is also another ED helper. It improves nitric oxide which helps with blood flow to the penis.

5. Ginkgo Biloba

We love ginkgo biloba for treating problems with libido and Erectile Dysfunction. It has been known to increase blood flow and penis weight. There are so many ginkgo biloba benefits for our sexual health as well as for our physical health.

6. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a miracle. Good for scars, great for your skin, and amazing for sex. Vitamin E helps wiht the productions of hormones. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and antioxidants can help protect sexual reproduction organs.

These vitamins for erectile dysfunction can help taken along with herbs for Ed.

Chinese Herbs

There are some very effective Chinese herbs for erectile dysfunction.
1. Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan. Also known as Rehmannia 8, has been known to help with thyroid function. The thyroid controls so many functions in our system.
2. Xia Yao Wan works to re-balance hormones and helps to reduce stress levels. Excellent for those who find themselves easily irritated and irritable.