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Testosterone Deficiency And Male Libido Are Linked!

It’s true. Testosterone deficiency and male libido go hand in hand. Low T Low L.

Testosterone and manhood tend to go hand in hand.

Testosterone and a man’s libido tend to go hand in hand.

Testosterone and muscles tend to go hand in hand.

Testosterone an male balding tend to go hand in hand.

If you are over the golden age of 30, your testosterone levels are on the decline.

Sorry, I know. 30 is really young, and as the years go by your testosterone levels continue to plummet.

Are you waiting for the good news? You and only you have the power to increase your testosterone levels after the age of 30. Let me share with you a few key things that you can incorporate into your lifestyle tomorrow.


Lose Weight And Eat Well

Having the proper weight and belly circumference is paramount for increasing testosterone. I touch on the best way to exercise in my article on natural libido help for men.

In order to lose weight you need to eat right. Fortunately, all of the foods that increase testosterone are healthy foods that can aid in weight loss.

One of the best “forms” of eating for weight loss and testosterone is call Intermittent Fasting. Dr. Mercola has a great article about how and why you should intermittent fast. The helath benefits far exceed just increasing testosterone. Read what Dr. Mercola has to say about this special form of diet.

Vitamins and Supplements

Zinc is a vitamin god. Don’t be without it.

Also, vitamin D from the sun helps increase testosterone. Sit outside in the sun until your skin becomes slightly pink everyday. Vitamin D does not roll over like cell phone minutes. You need to make sure you get some sunshine everyday.

A high quality when protein drink is also recommended for increasing testosterone.


Testosterone Testing

If you fear that your levels are beyond repair with natural remedies, got get your testosterone levels tested. There are bioidentical hormones that are safe and can hep.

Hopefully you have found some helpful information on testosterone deficiency and male libido.